Do We Need God’s Grace?


All you ever need


“In the dry desert land, Tobias possesses a rare treasure–a wellspring of clear, cool water.  And though it is his to give and use as he pleases, the Watermaster shares freely with everyone who asks.

God’s grace is a gift more precious than water in a desert.  It is all you and your children ever need.  As our bodies cannot live without water, so our souls cannot truly live without God’s grace.  That grace–the Living Water of eternal life–poured out at Calvary, cleanses our hearts and souls.  So marvelous and matchless is this gift–a gift we do not deserve, a gift we cannot buy or earn–and yet we need only ask and believe.

This poignant tale, first told in the popular Crossway book Tell Me the Secrets, and its rich illustrations uniquely capture the wonder of God’s amazing grace.  Let it help you share this vital truth with your children, that they may know the real Watermaster and receive His Living Water.

This is a wonderful story to open a teachable moment with your child about the saving grace of God.

All You Ever Need by Max Lucado will be available in the library soon.



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