God Always Answers Knee-Mail!


Miracle at Higher Grounds Cafe

Gabriel and Michael–the only two “good” angels named in the Bible–might have been pleasantly amused by Max Lucado’s book Miracle At The Higher Grounds Cafe. You see, they played major roles in this delightful and humorous story!

And so did the fictitious angel Samuel, also known as “Manny.” Eyes were blinded by his bright colors and bold, mismatched patterns. He was proud of his “earth” colored wardrobe!  But, don’t misunderstand–he had a serious job to do on his very first assignment from his Creator.

“But still, there was so much [Manny] couldn’t see. So much he didn’t know. But one thing he did. Even in the darkest of nights, he could always look up. That night, Manny fell asleep counting the stars.”

A newly single mom of two, Chelsea struggled to find unique ways to answer the “why” questions from Hancock, her 12-year old:

“Why can’t we live with dad? Why did we have to move?”

Certainly understandable. His dad was an NFL superstar–or was he? Sawyer could afford to give Hancock and Emily all they ever wanted and more, much to the chagrin of their Mom for good reason. Chelsea had questions of her own.

Even the deepest, darkest questions can lead to a deeper faith.

Chelsea and her sister Sara, the wife of Pastor Tony, knew that a cup of perfectly brewed coffee–or four if needed–could just about solve any of the complications in their world. They guessed it was the ideal solution for Chelsea to turn their grandmother’s Victorian home into a neighborhood cafe! Coffee varieties to load the menu and mouthwatering cupcakes. What a great idea, right?

Manny and a local young person–prone to unconventional fashion–made the best, complimentary pair to help Chelsea run the business. But with barely enough money coming in, they needed a miracle. Prayer wasn’t an option for Chelsea. She was too busy for that nonsense.

Looking for the answer to the whole competitive atmosphere, Manny believed he found the miracle: a God Blog!

News spread fast in their small town. Imagine an internet upgrade with only one website! Customers crowded inside the Higher Grounds Cafe to get their chance to log in and ask the one and only question allowed each person.

Question: I have trouble sleeping at night. I can’t get my mind off the challenges I will face the next day. Why can’t I sleep?”

Answer: Your nights are long because you carry too much fear. I’ve been watching you. Why don’t you give those fears to me? Stop trying to fix everyone (including your husband) and figure everything out. And I haven’t heard you laugh in quite a while. Lighten up. I love when you are happy. Remember, come to me when you are weary and tired. I can help you.”

What would your question be if that were possible?  

Chelsea had no clue for the media to explain where the God Blog came from or who exactly answered the questions. It definitely wasn’t her–she wasn’t even a church-going kind of person. But she did know one thing. Her business was in the black for the first time.

Would God call Chelsea to have the courage to ask her own special question? Or was it just going to take some serious time on her knees?

Miracle At The Higher Grounds Cafe is a short, enjoyable read that will make you laugh. But the message is divinely prepared. I was hesitant at first with the fantasy story line but was soon sitting back and enjoying Lucado’s style. He made me feel that he was right there telling me in person about Chelsea and Manny!

I give this book a 5 Armchair rating.



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