Spiderwebs, Science and the Supreme Court


My Final Word


It’s difficult to review the truth. Not many people want to hear it. It’s compelling. It’s hard to realize. Sometimes, it hurts or brings anger to the surface. And, it’s definitely frustrating unless there is, perhaps, a solution attached to it.

The truth we just don’t want to face in America.

My Final Word is a compilation of numerous, riveting essays written by Charles (Chuck) Colson. These were discovered after his death in 2012.

In his usual style, Colson doesn’t hold back on his thoughts and immense knowledge of worldview issues. It’s as if he didn’t have time for sugarcoating anything he wanted to write about.

“We are crazy when we say that all truth can only be  known by Scripture; that becomes a circular argument. God says you can not add or subtract from Scripture, but nowhere does the Bible tell us that this is the complete source of all truth. It is a complete source of all truth–for salvation–but not for other considerations. We have to be able to look at nature’s revelation, as well.”

Colson goes on to tell the story of a Chinese girl, Nein Cheng, who had been put into prison. 

“She was not allowed to have a Bible, but she looked up one day and saw a spider weaving a web, and she suddenly saw the hand of God in the beauty of the design….Did she not see the truth? Of course she saw the truth. That spiderweb was her Bible.”

And her life was transformed at that point.

This book is not for everyone. Unless you are open-minded. Unless you admire a strikingly honest portrayal of “what-in-the-world-has-happened” to our world, our churches and our families. If not, you are excused, because the subjects in this book could cause you to want to vomit!

Colson covers topics from apologetics and atheism to euthanasia and evangelism; from ideas and Islam to joy and justice. He saved the most thought-provoking subjects for last in the section on “War of the Worldviews.”

The entire book is an admirable attempt to wake up America with reality.   

“…non-Christians, especially those hostile to the faith, preach a message of despair.” But listen to this encouraging story:

“This is exactly the case with Russian dissident and poet Irina Ratushinskaya, who became a Christian through the “witness” of the Communists. They tried so hard to tell her there wasn’t any God that she came to realize that there must be one. If there were no God, why were they trying so hard to destroy faith in Him?”

Some of the very best arguments you’ll ever hear or read about is Colson’s chapter on “Homosexuality and the Church.” In a very kind, loving and non-judgmental way he brings up subjects that we, perhaps, have never thought about and how they affect our families.

Do you just want to hide your head under a pillow when the subject of same-sex marriage comes up?

Well, don’t because as you read this book, Colson will make you realize this culture shock will touch the very church you attend one day. The legislatures and the Supreme Court will see to it.

As he so eloquently urges us, we must learn what to do and what not to do when (not if) that happens.

My Final Word is one of the very best books I’ve read in 25 years! It certainly, in my verdict, should be required reading for every American, especially if you are a Christian. It deals head-on with the key issues of human survival in our culture, not only in Washington D.C., but in every home that contains the Holy Bible.

I give this book a 5+ Armchair Rating.



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