Thick as Thieves


Thick as Thieves


Andrea Carter lives with her family on Circle C Ranch. In 1882 the ranch is busy and Andi is preparing for the arrival of her horse,Taffy’s, first foal. As the time draws near, Andi and her brother, Chad, are worried that they may lose Taffy.

Meanwhile, life goes on and Andi must attend school as well as tend to Taffy and the other ranch chores. At school, she must endure a new seatmate, Macy, who can be very rude and mean. That night Chad says there are cattle rustlers and stolen horses in the area. Andi spends more time with the foals. When Andi gets back to school she finds Macy, the rude girl, messing with one of the primary girls. Andi intervenes and Macy threatens to get even with her. Andi is ready to get back at her but then realizes this is not what God would want of her. She befriends Macy and they become close friends. Andi invites Macy to come stay at her house. While mother is helping Macy get settled, Andi goes out to see the foals and finds out they are gone. High adventure begins as Macy and Andi work together to find the foals. Where will they find them and will they find them in time?

Thick As Thieves is the first in the Circle C Milestones series written by Susan K. Marlow. It continues the life of Andrea Carter who was first introduced in her series Circle C Beginnings. This book is written for mid high to high school ages. Come to the library and check out this book and the sequel Heartbreak Trail.

Information for this review was provided by 8th grader Anna Randolph.



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