Is Heaven for Real?

One day, Colton, who is four, gets very sick.  His parents think it is the flu.  After a few days his fever breaks and his parents are happy.  That night he gets very sick to his stomach.  His parents take him to the emergency room.  The doctors find out it is a burst appendix.  They do surgery and while this is happening his parents, Sonja and Todd, are praying.  After the surgery and a few more days in the hospital, Colton begins to tell his family about visiting heaven.  One of the things Colton says he saw was Jesus’ horse.  He also saw a nice lion and God’s throne.  Will his parents be able to accept this?

This story inspired me.  I think everyone should read it because it shows there really is a heaven and we get the choice to accept Jesus and go to heaven or reject Him.

Written by:  Anna, age 13


If you would like to see more about the ministry that Colton and his family have, you may visit

While we do not have the movie in the library, the book is available for checkout.


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