Becky’s Brainstorm

Becky’s Brainstorm by Elaine L. Schulte

To help her mom out financially and prevent the family from moving, Becky and her three best friends start The Twelve Candles Club, a business providing child care, housekeeping, car washing and other services.

In the first book of this series for young readers, Becky’s Brainstorm, author Elaine L. Schulte writes a warm story about friends, summer, fun and adventure:

It was Becky Hamilton’s twelfth birthday, the last day of school, and her three wacky friends were at the front door of her house singing “Happy birthday”! But instead of joy, tears pressed behind Becky’s eyes. Could she keep pretending that everything was okay for one more night? Would her secret ruin her birthday pizza and slumber party?

Becky’s emotions had been on a roller coaster from the moment her mother delivered the terrible news: They could no longer afford to live in Southern California and must move away! Away from Tricia, Jess and Cara and the beach and…everything!

But just when she feels the worst about it, Becky has a remarkable brainstorm. She and her three girlfriends could start a club, the Twelve Candles Club, and they could do all sorts of work through the summer months and earn money…and maybe she won’t have to move!

Be sure to check this book out at the Solid Rock church library! Summer is coming soon and this is the perfect way to begin a delightful vacation.








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