It’s Always Something!

After 53 years of experience in ministry, 100+ books for adults, plus mini-books, booklets a couple children’s books, and host of an internationally syndicated radio program, Charles “Chuck” Swindoll needs no introduction. We all enjoy and learn from his books.

One of several that can be found in the Solid Rock church library ready for checkout is Getting Through the Tough Stuff – It’s Always Something! If you struggle with anything right now (and who isn’t) just open this book and find 14 of the most common human dilemmas and what to do about them.

“Life is tough. It’s that simple. If you don’t agree, you simply haven’t lived long enough,” says Swindoll. “So what do you do when life gets so tough you think you can’t endure another minute?”

Jesus was honest and straightforward. He dealt with the difficult and with the uncomfortable, and He expects you to do no less. He doesn’t want you to be an ineffective Christian who simply seeks to be happy and to enjoy the easy life. He wants you to be a mature believer, who turns to Him in times of joy and in times of sorrow and struggle.

Swindoll covers everything from Doubt to Divorce to Death and much, much more. We realize even before beginning this book–although the subjects are deeply emotional– it is comforting to know we are not alone. It’s just as reassuring to know the answer usually lies in being pro-active than passive.

In light of recent and repeated acts of violence in the U. S. and the world, the chapter on Prejudice is highly recommended reading material for everyone who cares about others as Jesus demonstrated and commanded. Based on Matthew 6:22-23, Swindoll explains:

If the eye sees a skin color that is different or some cultural expression that it doesn’t understand or value, an opinion or prejudgment is formed that impacts the whole person–body, mind and will. The mind blindly bases its judgments on a reality that is, at best, dimly perceived.

Lesson learned.








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