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Here’s a secret: Solid Rock has hidden treasures you probably don’t even know about. Some are people, some ministries, and some teaching. And then we have some gems you can hold right in your hand. Whether old or new, if you haven’t picked one up recently, you are missing out on a new friend, a trusted counselor, an adventure, or clearer knowledge of God’s Word.

In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart by Ruth Graham is one such treasure in our church library.

It is a deeply personal, honest exploration of how the truths of the Bible play out in the realities of our circumstances….With simplicity and honesty, Ruth shares her journey through divorce, depression, and shame; her heartrending parental struggles; and her faltering attempts to make wise choices in the wake of bad ones.   

 If you believe in a God who uses ordinary people to minister to your needs, you will understand the heart-to-heart personal talk Graham shares in her book. Just a review of the chapter titles like “More Trials? When Will Life Get Easier?” and “Is God Really In Control?” shows us Graham has been there!

She brings sharp new insight from the Word of God for all who fear that their actions are unforgivable, or that their brokenness has made them useless to God.

We are sure you will not regret the time spent reading this treasure from Ruth Graham, a well known author, conference speaker, and Bible teacher, as well as the daughter of evangelist, Billy Graham. Visit our Solid Rock Church Library soon!



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