I Grew Up Little

Patsy Clairmont

Patsy Clairmont, acclaimed speaker, author, and one of the founders of the Women of Faith conferences, penned her autobiography, I Grew Up Little, a few years ago. It is described as an “incredible story of overwhelming fear meeting overcoming faith…”

This is a surprising and unbelievable portrayal.

If you have ever witnessed Clairmont in action on stage, she appears to be the most joyful, amusing and animated woman all contained in a tiny, energetic body. She is a natural master of comedy, although she does not claim to be a comedian.

Even in this delightful autobiography, she can not resist painting her life circumstances and incidences in the most hilarious manner.

Last week I bought my husband a twenty-inch television set for Father’s Day. It came in a big box with a book of instructions almost as voluminous as the container. When I gave birth to our nineteen-inch firstborn, all I was handed was a voluminous bill and instructions to sit on a pillow for a few weeks. No operating manuals, no spare parts, and no guarantees came with this intricate creation.

Yet, we discover in this book that Clairmont was “a rebellious teenager, a high school dropout, a bride at seventeen and a mother at twenty.” Shockingly, she exposes the interesting truth of the massive fear that consumed her every day and night.

Be sure to pick up this amazing book in the Solid Rock Library to find out how Clairmont conquered her failures and struggles to come out on top so she could share her hope in a big God.



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