From Fallen to Forgiven

Jennifer O'Neill

Some people will know the name Jennifer O’Neill. Some won’t.. Some may know the name, but not know her story. It is a difficult, and sometimes shocking, account of one woman’s “journey into wholeness and healing.”

Jennifer O’Neill is a film and TV actress and a former Cover Girl model. She is also a wife, mother, grandmother and author of several books, including From Fallen to Forgiven. This is an emotional walk through “a teen suicide attempt, several near-fatal accidents, multiple failed marriages, an abortion, and nine miscarriages…”

But more than all this, this story is a reminder of how God treats each one of us in our brokenness and sin and welcomes us back to His arms. Never forsaken. Never abandoned. Always forgiven.

It’s hard to miss something we’ve never known. Do we yearn for things we’ve never had, seen, felt, touched, tasted, or experienced? . . .As a young girl, the “hole in my heart” evolved slowly until I ached to the point of feeling empty. Something just didn’t seem right. . .I couldn’t put my finger on this emptiness. . .When I first came to Christ, I was working with a Christian counselor on what was for me a revolutionary new concept–grace.

O’Neill writes this book with down-to-earth honesty and much remorse and humility. It is an autobiography that is definitely fascinating and hard to put down. She includes the beautiful song lyrics she wrote while writing her life story. You will read poems, prayers, and even letters to her parents. They will all touch your heart.

This book is for you whether or not you accepted Jesus as a child, waited until much, much later in life like O’Neill did, or perhaps have yet to accept Jesus as Lord of your life. In one chapter, she asks, “When can we throw in the towel? When we’re dead!” Pick up this book in the Solid Rock Library before another day ends.  



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