English Ivy

English Ivy

Finding a stunning author that we haven’t read before–even though she is a best-seller–is one of life’s little joys. English Ivy was written by one such author, Catherine Palmer. This is “romantic fiction with a foundation of Biblical truth” set in 1800s England.     

There are some romances that are shallow or silly or even strange. But Palmer writes this historical fiction digging into real issues that include unfortunate incidences followed by victories.

Although rare in 21st century America, arranged marriages in 19th century England were common. Can you imagine your family choosing your husband for you without your input? For the most part, the reader will share the dilemma of the main character with yearning to see a good outcome, but fearing that may not be so.

Though she believed he had spoken the truth when he told her of his ardor, she knew she had no choice but to proceed on the path God had laid out for her…In place of confusion, distress, and longing, Ivy filled her head with Scriptures and plans for the future…Ivy breathed up her hundredth prayer for strength and courage…The Holy Spirit, who dwelled inside her, knew her torment and would cry out on her behalf to God the Father. She must trust that, for she had no one left on whom to rely.

English Ivy reminds us of our own sometimes wavering relationship with our heavenly Father. The heroine desires but struggles with following God’s will for her life. Sound familiar?

Be sure to pick up this book in the Solid Rock Library soon!



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