Lost in the Amazon

Lost - Amazon

If you are looking for a nice quiet, calm book to lull you to sleep, Lost in the Amazon is not it!

However, if you dare, you won’t be able to put this exciting book down. Professional wildlife photographer, Stephen Kirkpatrick and his wife, Marlo, have written the true, nail-biting story of “five men and their desperate battle for survival” in the Amazon jungle.

This terrifying narration not only prevents sleep, but destroys every perception of an enjoyable, guided jungle adventure you may have imagined.

The fear exploded into full-blown panic. A hot rush of adrenaline threatened to send me screaming into the darkness, crashing blindly through the wet, strangling foliage. “Run!” some primitive instinct screamed. “Get out of here! Just drop the gear and run!”

But there was nowhere to run to.

Kirkpatrick’s wife, Marlo, asked, “What kind of God would leave my children without a father?”

I scanned the foliage around me for machete marks, a footprint, any hint of human life…Nothing…I stumbled ahead into the choking, dripping brush, weighed down by my sodden boots and clothes, bent beneath the dead weight of the backpack that held my crippled cameras and the crushing burden of my disappointment…This was supposed to have been my golden opportunity, the solution to all my problems, my shot at the big time. A better life not only for me but for my boys.

God’s creative hand is mightily witnessed, written about, and filmed in the natural Amazon surroundings. Several beautiful photos are displayed in the book, attesting to the genius work of Kirkpatrick.

Are you game for an adventure in a thick, wet, and hostile environment? Pick up this book in the Solid Rock Library and find out!



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