Winds of Change

Winds of Change

It really doesn’t matter if a book was written several years ago, or if the author has been successful for awhile. If we haven’t read the book, or haven’t experienced that particular author, then it’s all new to us. And it’s exciting to find new stories.

This is the case with Winds of Change part of the “American Century” series by Gilbert Morris. It’s the continuing story of the Stuart family in Los Angeles, just as America is dragged into a World War on the “day that will live in infamy.”

Along with most Americans, the Stuart family is busy living life, oblivious to the growing threat overseas–until the attack on Pearl Harbor changes everything. Several Stuart men go off to fight, while on the home front the women face intense struggles of their own.

Historical novels have a way of bringing difficult, heart-wrenching history lessons back into focus. Winds of Change may sound similar to some of the stories we’ve heard from or about our relatives. And this is the exact reason these books are so intriguing and fascinating.

Morris writes with knowledge of the subject and immerses us into the lives of each Stuart family member. The story jolts off the page surprising the reader with more and more thrilling experiences. Captivating contrasts between the tense, yet hopeful lives of the men at war, and, the nervous, yet persistent lives of the women at home holds our attention with expectation.  

Be sure to pick up this book in our Solid Rock Library.


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