The great thing about true stories is they never get old. They are told and retold over and over. In 1914, a crew of 27 men, led by Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, “embarked on an expedition…seeking to be the first humans to cross the South Polar continent.”

This they attempted in a three-masted wooden vessel, no less, with battering waves of 80 feet high!

Endurance, Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing is a epic tale that will leave your mouth wide-open in amazement. You may ask yourself “Why?” Indeed, why would anyone even consider such a risk to their life? Yet, Shackleton chose these 27 men from a pool of 5,000 applications!

The Expedition was not going [to be] a peaceful cruise to the South Sea Islands, but a most dangerous, difficult, and strenuous work that has nearly always involved a certain percentage of loss of life.

James C. Dobson, Ph.D., compares this true miracle story to the account in Luke 21:25-28 of the prophecy concerning the return of Jesus after he was taken from his disciples. Jesus had told his disciples to “be always on the watch.”

The men who arrived on Elephant Island were trapped. Slowly being crushed by a sea of ice, they were stranded with nowhere to go and no way out! Their only hope was if their captain came back for them.

That is precisely the situation in which we as Christians find ourselves today. Apart from the promise of Jesus’ return, there is no hope for the future.    

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