Written on the Wind


If you bask in the warmth of good fiction–romantic or historical–then Judith Pella is an author who can satisfy all your cravings in an afternoon of relaxation.

Written on the Wind explores the fearless possibilities of three young sisters building lives for themselves while the world explodes around them. Imagine the pause one’s picture-perfect life would take if nothing was ever the same again.

Cameron looked at both her sisters. A sense of loss suddenly flooded over her. Change was coming, she knew. The world was on the brink of war, and her personal life was headed in an unknown direction. She felt very certain that whatever happened, she and her sisters might never again enjoy ice cream together. Or, if they did, they would be very different people when it happened.

The story begins in Los Angeles and then takes us on a “dramatic and compelling journey through the trials and triumphs of World War II.” There are many risks each character must choose or not. Ambitions, failures, loves, and losses all become part of this suspenseful account. It’s quite amazing how each young person allows world events to affect them in a different way.

You can find this first book of the “Daughters of Fortune” Series in the Solid Rock Library.


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