For Such a Time


What a clever idea to take an entire book of the Bible and create a fully exciting and suspenseful fictional novel! For Such a Time by Kate Breslin is the first novel she has ever written and it’s one that you will find very hard to put down.

Many first novels are soon forgotten as the author’s professional experience hasn’t quite matured. But this former bookseller author has developed an international, historical story from the book of Esther. The characters are modern, complicated, and full of intrigue.

Set during WWII, it tells of a young Jewish girl who finds herself amid the horrors of war and chaos. She must make agonizing decisions to keep herself from danger and death. She must create diversions to try and save her friends and family from torture and brutality. She must become their savior and in the process find her own.

Could dropping a person’s name from the list be as easy as hiding a bad stitch? What about several people? If she dropped say, eight numbers from each page of 1 through 100? That would remove 160 names out of 2,000–less than two hundred Jews. She didn’t dare risk more…[She] continued to type…She felt a strange sense of empowerment as she neared the end of her task, a glimmer of the hope she thought she’d lost. She could make a difference, even a small one.

This story will touch you deeply. You will want to cry, scream, and smile all at once. You will agonize over the bittersweet and surprising solutions in a time when there were no perfect answers.

Pick up this five-star book from a first time author who will become your favorite.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, Arizona


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