Inside My Heart


You’ve seen her. You’ve heard her. You would most likely recognize Robin McGraw, the wife of Dr. Phil McGraw, if you saw her on T.V. But what you may not know is that she is a Christian woman who is “on a mission to get you excited about your life, excited about being a woman in this day and time…excited about being the woman God created you to be.”

Inside My Heart, Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose discusses hidden areas of every woman’s heart. From being a daughter to becoming a wife and mother, Robin McGraw uses insight and humor to help you start thinking about what it means to have a rich and fulfilling life.

If you are missing out on the promised joy of a happy marriage or just the long-forgotten passions that used to consume your waking moments, McGraw can expertly guide you into finding your way back and why you would want to find your way back.

I believe we were put on this earth to enjoy lives of joy and abundance…It’s not my intention to give people advice on how to solve their problems…But I’ve had my share of struggles over the years, and I know a thing or two about what has worked for me. I have chosen to be an active participant in my life rather than a spectator, and in so doing I have chosen how to be a woman, how to be a wife, and how to be a mother in ways that are uniquely my own. I offer the stories of these choices as evidence of the power of sheer determination, will, and faith in God.

If you’re stuck or just want to know how others got through the “muck,” pick up this book today.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, Arizona


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