Blue Moon Bay


It’s always refreshing to read a book and not worry about if it’s part of a series. How many times have we read a novel and then discovered it’s a sequel and the characters were developed way before this story! Frustrating.

All of Lisa Wingate’s books can be read independently just like Blue Moon Bay. This is an intriguing story about an architect, unexpected journeys and family secrets. Baffled by the circumstances of selling the family farm, Heather Hampton must decide if she has gotten involved with crooks.

A flash of movement near the shore stopped me halfway across the lawn, and I turned, expecting to see Clay down there again. Instead, a tall, slim figure with dark, curly hair was just disappearing behind the corner of the barn. Blaine Underhill? What was he doing here so early in the morning. . .on Sunday? In fact, what was he doing, prowling around our barn at all?

This book presents an underlying dilemma for the reader. It brings up questions in our minds about how we deal, or not, with members of our own family when we discover their odd behaviors and lifestyles. The author asks of us, “Do we accept and love them they way they are, or not love them at all?”

Who says novels have no substance? Pick up this book in the church library and find out.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott AZ


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