I Really Want to Change, So Help Me God


It’s something we all need, but few of us have the courage to explore: change in our character and conduct. James MacDonald, founding pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago, gives us the way to accomplish this aspect in his book, I Really Want to Change, So Help Me God.

Sure, it takes work and that is usually why we resist a book like this one. But God never wants us to remain the same. So this book covers three important sections: “The Preparation for Change,” “The Process of Change,” and “The Power to Change.” Each chapter contains questions and exercises along with a prayer for courage and encouragement.

For real power to change, we need the Spirit’s filling. And remember that we should come back for refilling regularly. . .Four truths about the Spirit’s filling: The filling is commanded. . .passive. . .for everyone. . .not permanent.

This is a practical manual of “how to” change, not a philosophical discussion. We’ve already heard that discussion. Now is the time to “do” it. This is not instruction on growth, but on changing ourselves according to God’s Word. It is written in layman’s terms, not for a pastor or counselor, and is very easy to follow.

MacDonald begins the chapter, “The Power of Faith” with these words:

We experience change personally only when we exercise our faith in the truth of God’s Word; knowledge of the Word by itself is not enough.

So, if you’re serious about following God’s Word, pick up this book and finish it. Don’t put it down because of distractions and find something else. You’ll be better for it!

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, AZ


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