Described as mysterious, exciting and powerful, Ted Dekker, author of Blink, is just that and more. He seems to know first-hand the land and people of the Middle East where this fictional story takes place surrounding the city of Jerusalem.

What happened in history happened because of what first occurred in this small corner of the world. And what happens in the future will happen because of what first occurs in the Middle East. It has always been so; it is so now; it will be so, until the end.  

It is the story of a princess from Saudi Arabia, named Miriam, and an American named Seth who has nothing to do with Miriam. How, where and when do they connect? And why? The story moves quickly, but is completely engrossing. This is one that is very difficult to put down. Plan on losing some sleep over it!

The rush of the cars crossing the street fifty meters ahead of them sounded distant behind their breathing. Miriam stared at Seth, struck by the thought that she was looking at a miracle. Under his tossed blond curls, behind his clear green eyes, Seth’s mind was encountering the future. Like a prophet. Like Mohammed.

Special powers? Will it help Miriam and Seth when they need it most? So many questions come up and so many answers to consider. You will find yourself holding your breath with this enticing story. Pick it up in the church library soon.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott AZ


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