The Wish


Beverly Lewis, author of her brand new book, The Wish, writes for a particular audience. It’s not for the “edgey” group, nor is it for fantasy or science fiction lovers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those genres by the way. They are simply an entirely different vision and notion offered for the enjoyment of certain readers.

Lewis writes mainly about the Amish lifestyle having grown up in this kind of community. This genre appeals to those who seek comfort and solace in the style so prevalent and recognizable in these type of stories. It also satisfies a curiosity about a segment of American life that is not common for most. It’s actually fascinating!

The Wish explores a close friendship between two girls and their families. Leona never had a sister and when she met Gloria, it seemed like fate. Neither ever suspected it would ever be different. Have you ever had a friend and then she and her family suddenly left town and the church where both of you attended? What would have caused this separation? Would you seek her out?

All that morning at Maggie’s shop, Leona tried to imagine what Gloria’s life was like now, especially since they hadn’t shared any goings-on for this long. Had she changed considerable in looks since she’d become an Englischer? Did she wear earrings and short hair, paint her nails. . .her lips? Gloria hadn’t mentioned being married, or having a serious beau–a boyfriend, as she would surely refer to a fellow now. Was she working somewhere. . .maybe even attending college?

But, of course, there were reasons. Leona never suspected it would be anything like what Gloria would be sharing though. It was unthinkable.

If you are already a fan of Beverly Lewis, or if you just want something different, be sure to pick up this brand new book in our church library soon!

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott AZ


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