Courageous Faith


It’s easy to love and obey God when everything in our lives is going well. The real test is when things are extremely difficult. What do we do with our faith then?

In his brand new book, Courageous Faith, Dr. Charles F. Stanley explores what faith and obedience look like from his own candid life story. His son, Andy, says “It’s all in here. Triumph, tragedy, love, marriage, divorce, poverty, prosperity and opportunity. . .”

The unique “story line” of this book is how Dr. Stanley explains the most important thing to realize about our lives is that “The location and circumstances in which we began our lives are part of His [God’s] special plan for us.” And that is fascinating when we think about it! Imagine, if we had not been born to certain parents, in a certain place, and with certain circumstances, we would not even be in this certain place!

More than likely, you experienced life-changing hardships when you were young, and you are probably facing some difficult trials today as well. . .I can guarantee that when it comes to the challenges you’ve faced and are currently enduring, your human coping mechanisms will ultimately fail you. Your adversity will become an overwhelming burden. . .As a believer, the awesome power of the Holy Spirit can equip and transform you through any suffering you could ever face and bring you to a place of indescribable intimacy with our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Although this book is not meant to be a complete autobiography of Dr. Stanley’s entire life, he does an excellent job of highlighting the most important parts. It’s not a “lay-back-and-enjoy-his-life” kind of book. He has written this book to help us overcome our own trials and pain and his sage advice in handling these tribulations.

The first two chapters lay a foundation and then Dr. Stanley gets into the real issues and answers. For instance, you will learn what the five guiding principles that shaped his life are from the time he was 16 years old as shared with him by his grandfather. And there is so much more!

“The only way anything can get to you is if God Himself opens the door and allows it.” -Charles F. Stanley

You can pick up this new book in the church library soon.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, AZ


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