Lethal Harvest


Lethal Harvest by William Cutrer, M.D. could not be more real and modern if it was written by anyone else. This ethical, medical drama tackles a subject that some just want to ignore and make disappear. But be assured, it is headline worthy and one that should not be dismissed. Dr. Cutrer is thoroughly knowledgeable in this field, which makes this story even more intense!

This fictional account involves the president of the U.S., his nephew, who is a doctor, and a widow. But what kind of ethical doctor is he? And what are the consequences of his life’s passion? Many successful people start their lives out on the right track. Then something happens. Many somethings may happen in a row.

We have to wonder in this riveting drama exactly what causes a doctor with good intentions to go awry and to mss the course of his dreams. This story mirrors at times, the dilemmas of our own lives or those we know. And this is precisely what keeps our attention on these characters and this shocking mystery.

When Dr. Allan Brown read the Washington Post website story about the explosion at the IVF clinic, he threw his empty coffee mug against the wall of his Dallas office. The article identified the injured Dr. Luc Morgan as a physician currently involved in a lawsuit involving an international dignitary. It also alluded to his partnership with President Sullivan’s deceased nephew. An initial investigation revealed that the bomb, which had been placed in an air-conditioning unit outside the back wall of the lab, had been detonated using a complex timing device. Allan picked up the phone and called his contact at the FBI.

This book reads like a medical drama on T.V. It also challenges our own spiritual prejudices about real-life situations. Don’t miss this one! Pick up a copy at the church library.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, AZ


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