The Undoing of Saint Silvanus


Our favorite Bible study leader, Beth Moore, has written her very first work of fiction. The title itself, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus, is intriguing enough. The story line is multifaceted, but familiar to many of us: family secrets. All of this makes for a book that is very hard to put down from the very first chapter to the end!

Moore has always had an easy going style of writing. And this fictional account is no different. It feels as if you are sitting down with a close friend and she is telling you a story in her animated and detailed way. The book will certainly be in competition with her numerous non-fiction writings.  

This is the story of a family member who has literally died from his alcoholism. Now, his daughter has been contacted to attend the funeral. Little does she know things would be quite different upon her arrival. She hadn’t seen her father in years. Nor her grandmother. “She soon discovers there is more at stake than she ever imagined.”

Stella was growing on her. She came to the cafe almost every night for coffee. She asked Jillian a lot of questions–some of them pretty personal–but maybe that’s the way people were around here: in your business. At least the woman seemed genuinely interested in her. Jillian was tired, but she could use a friend, and so far Stella was the closest thing to qualify on the muddy banks of the Mississippi.

Who would have thought that an apartment house, saints, sinners, strange relics and a funeral would have anything to do with a family’s broken history? How does it all tie in?

Oddly, it didn’t come. There were no walls. Nothing closing in. She could tell the room was brightly lit, even with her eyes closed. Don’t move, she told herself. Just open your eyes. She willed her eyelids upward and peered through the slender opening. A form was there. Something moving.

Of course, God had a lot to do with the outcome. Fascinating story. Fascinating, indeed. Be sure to pick up this new book in our church library.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott AZ


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