Escape the Coming Night


Let it never be said books go out of style. The good thing about excellent Biblical writers, such as Dr. David Jeremiah, is their messages never get old. They are timeless. Escape the Coming Night is one of them. The cover description says it all, “An electrifying tour of our world as it races toward its final days.” Always a fascinating subject and complicated, if not correctly explained. It seems every generation since the beginning of time has believed the end is happening now. And apparently for good reason.

Dr.Jeremiah is an expert in taking the prophetic book of Revelation and making it clear and relevant to this generation of believers. He looks inside the last church on Earth, natural disasters, life in the Millennium, and the famous Battle of Armageddon.

The aim of Revelation is not only to present to us the coming King, but also to tell us the purpose of His kingdom. In America we hear the politicians tell us every four years why we should elect them and what their programs will be if they win office. Revelation is the account of Jesus’ campaign for the rulership of the earth. We are clearly told of His relationship to the church, His appointment by the Father to the throne, His crusade against the Satanic forces of evil, and His final victory. There is no need to count votes, for He knows the results.

Every aspect of the final days is covered in four sections and 20 chapters such as “The Lukewarm Church in the Last Days,” “Revival During Hell on Earth,” and the convicting chapter, “The Church under Glass” which will make every Christian stand up and take notice.

Here, Dr. Jeremiah uses the church at Ephesus as an example of one that looked good on the outside, but had serious “heart trouble” quoting Revelation 3:4, Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. A commentator said, “When it is the Lord who has something against the church, it is time to tremble. . .”      

Be sure to pick this one up in the Solid Rock Church Library, Prescott, AZ



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