The Parables


How many times have we read the parables of Jesus? Probably many times over. How many of those have we actually understood completely? Maybe not many. The Parables by Gary Inrig is written for this purpose. To give us greater understanding about what Jesus meant by them. To make us feel as if we are sitting right there with Him as He is speaking.

The book covers twelve parables in depth, all with user-friendly language. Inrig invites us to sit and listen and to try and understand more deeply the stories presented here, but even more importantly, to get to know our Lord more deeply. “Our world threatens to drown us in information; meanwhile our souls thirst for wisdom,” Inrig says.

The author shows us the Parables make complete sense even in our modern world as in the “Rich Fool” from Luke 12:13-21:

Babyboomers did not invent the pursuit of possessions, although they certainly have refined the art. . . We have been nurtured in a society that seduces with the promise of affluence and measures worth on the basis of possessions and positions. There is nothing inherently wrong with professional success, financial security, or personal prosperity. But at some point, a follower of Jesus Christ crosses the line into enemy territory. As the Lord has told us, we cannot be His disciples unless we say good-bye to all our possessions.

Inrig doesn’t hold back in saying exactly what Jesus meant. And that’s a good thing for us. Because each parable explanation in this book will make you think about not only what it means to you personally, but what it meant to and by Jesus Himself. Inrig points out that these stories almost always answer a question we have and therefore the context must be studied alongside the Parable.

Sit now at the feet of Jesus and listen to His amazing teaching ability. Be sure to bring your Bible.

Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Prescott, AZ


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