Throwback Thursday

Help Me Be Good Series

The Help Me Be Good Series of children’s books by Joy Berry will teach your five-to-seven year old when certain behaviors are appropriate and when they are not–all done in an animated style that children enjoy and find fun to read.

The normal egocentricity of young children often leads to misbehavior that evokes unwanted responses from others. These unwanted responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction.

The purpose of the HMBG books is to help break the cycle of negative action and reaction. This is accomplished by each book defining a misbehavior; explaining the cause of the misbehavior; discussing the negative effects of the misbehavior; and offering suggestions for replacing the misbehavior with acceptable behavior.

One of the books in the series, “Complaining,” finds Tami trying to negotiate a sleep-over with her complaining friend, Amy. Enter T.J., Tami’s brother who constantly enjoys antagonizing her.

In another one of these books, “Fighting,” T.J. and Tami deal with each other in some hurtful and destructive ways, but quickly learn how to solve problems without fighting.

Tami: “These pens aren’t just yours. Grandma gave them to both of us.”

T.J.: “She’s right. I forgot about that.”

Family pet (thinking): “There are two sides to every story.”

Joy Berry is an experienced teacher and school administrator which prompted her to determine that materials on basic “living skills” were absent.

Joy Berry’s realistic understanding of kids and her pragmatic approach to educating and empowering them began with a childhood vow to one day “…figure out a way to give kids more control over their lives.” Her commitment was spawned by a childhood in which her parents defined successful parenting as getting children to embrace parental standards and goals.

Find these fun books in the Solid Rock Christian Fellowship Library, Prescott, AZ.