For Authors and Publishers


Thank you for considering us to review your work. We appreciate the hard work that you put into it. Before submitting a request to have us review your book or movie:

  • A book or movie can get up to five armchairs. Five being excellent. One being poor.
  • Any movie review requests must include one or two free tickets.
  • The Cozy Corner doesn’t guarantee a positive review. We will start the review with positive remarks and end the review with positive remarks. In the middle, we will discuss the issues with the book or movie.
  • The Cozy Corner doesn’t require the reviewer to finish a book or movie. The reviewer is a volunteer and is reviewing it based from the point of view of a reader or movie-goer. A reader doesn’t have to finish a book. A movie-goer doesn’t have to stay for the whole movie. Our reviewers don’t have to finish it if they feel it is a two or less armchair rating. That being said, our reviewers are required to try to finish 50% of even a poorly written book or see 50% of the movie.
  • You may query our administration to have your book or movie reviewed at  Please introduce yourself, provide the options of a paper or kindle to review (if a book), and your website or blog link.
  • Solid Rock Christian Fellowship and Christian Academy of Prescott are not responsible for the outcome of the published review.  An author and publishing company are responsible for his or her own success.
  • For books: Grammar, punctuation, and story structure are rated. Kindle formatting won’t be counted as it is common for mobi files and other files to be off a little with each device, but if half of the book is missing or whole paragraphs are missing, this is on the author or publisher. Please make sure your files are, for the most part, readable, or send us a paper book.
  • The Cozy Corner is a place for discussion. If you do not like our reviews, we welcome conversational discussion in the comments.  Snarky or inappropriate comments will be deleted. Please refrain from sending emails to ask us to reconsider our rating on your review. They will not be responded to and considered spam.
  • Per common practice, all reviews will be posted here and on a retail site in exchange for a free book. The free book will be placed in our library if it rates a three armchair or higher rating.
  • Authors or publishing companies may ask us not to post the review on a retail site if they feel the review will hurt their Amazon or other retail ratings.
  • If it is a two armchair or less of a rating, we will post the review here first. In one day, we will post the same review to a retail site to give the author or publishing company a chance to contact us and let us know if they wish for us to not post it on a retail site. It is the author or publisher’s responsibility to contact us regarding that matter.
  • A paper book copy must be donated to the Library for us to review a book for you that we do not currently have in stock.
  • We do welcome book giveaways.