For Book and Movie Reviewers

If you are interested in becoming a book reviewer for our blog, please read the following:

  • You must have, at one time, attended Solid Rock Christian Fellowship (formerly, First Baptist Church of Prescott, Arizona), or still attend Solid Rock Christian Fellowship. You also may be an employee, parent of a child, or volunteer at Christian Academy to write for us. Occasionally, there are exceptions to the rule.  If you think we should make an exception, please email:
  • All volunteers must sign a media release and be willing to write for us consistently.  Writers retain the rights to their work. Solid Rock Christian Fellowship and Christian Academy of Prescott retain the right to publish it and archive it, as well as use it to promote a book or movie in the library.
  • All work must be original. If that review was published at another site, please rework it to be original for our site.
  • You must have an email account to receive emails about the choice of books available.
  • If you lose the book we give you, this will cost us money to replace. So please do not lose the book, mark it up, or bend pages. When you are done reviewing a book we give you, it will be put in the media center for check out.
  • The writer is legally responsible for his or her words. Solid Rock Christian Fellowship and Christian Academy will not be held responsible for a writer’s opinion of a book.
  • You must finish at least 50% of the book to review it. If you do not finish it, you must notate in your review that you weren’t able to finish it. An unfinished book that is being reviewed is worth only one or two armchairs.
  • If you check out a book and it is too offensive to review, please return it quickly. Publishing companies give about a 30-day turnaround for reviews.  Instead, do your homework on the selections we email you by reading other people’s reviews to discern whether it is a non-offensive genre before checking out a book.

Further guidelines are available upon request. You will be given a copy of these guidelines and a media release to sign agreeing to abide by our policies.


We really encourage you to be creative as a reviewer or writer.

Some of the things we look for are:

Author Interviews



This site was set up to enhance the Christian Academy of Prescott and Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, and to promote good literature and movies. Not all books or movies reviewed are Christian in genre.