Fire by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Jack Cavanaugh, author of many historical sagas, including the award-winning The Puritans and The Patriots, is set in Connecticut in 1740. It is the uneasy story of a pastor with an “uncanny gift” during America’s controversial religious history.     

Seven years ago Josiah Rush fled the colony of Havenhill, Connecticut. Now he’s been asked to return. Is this his chance to make things right? To pay penance for the foolishness of his youth? To ask and receive forgiveness from those he has hurt so badly?

History is a fascinating way to find out how we got here at this time and place. When it is set into a fictional tale of the truest kind, as in Fire, it can be spell-binding. Thinking the town has endured a deadly disease, Josiah is more than willing to put his feelings aside and help. But he can’t seem to escape the foreboding upon him. Something is wrong.

Philip told Josiah confidentially that the deacons’ report had not placated everyone in the church. Although Philip didn’t identify Eunice Parkhurst directly, the inference was clear enough. One of the phrases that kept coming up was that the pastor should “abstain even from the appearance of evil.”

The authors state, “The Great Awakenings was an incredible era of national spiritual revival. . .” In Fire, the second book in a series of four, they explore these days that show “the personal and spiritual upheaval that occurs when the Holy Spirit stirs the waters of our souls.”

“What happened?” Josiah asked.

“God happened. That was the same time the Holy Spirit swept through this region, and people’s hearts were turned away from greed and self. However, not until many of them had mortgaged their lands to Bellamont. So a few godly businessmen stepped in and rescued those who were in debt to Bellamont and forced him out of the region.”

An uneasiness began to settle over Josiah.

This story may be set in 1740, but it is oddly reminiscent of what we may need today. Find out for yourself by picking up this series at the Solid Rock Christian Fellowship Library, Prescott AZ